This course is designed to expose students to ideas that will improve their scientific communication, both written and orally, with a focus in English. Students will have written and oral assignments that will help them learn the fundamentals of scientific communication. The course will mostly be practical work during the class time with opportunities to have support from peers and the instructor. By the end of this course, students should:

  • Know the basics of how to structure scientific writing and presentations.

  • Know the basics of how to more effectively communicate, both written and orally.

  • Know the basics of how to present research clearly to maximize reader/audience comprehension.

Ce projet de formation vise à valoriser auprès des étudiants des compétences originales dans le champ de la médiation scientifique audiovisuelle développées par des membres de l’IUEM. Cette formation est financée dans le cadre de l'AAP Formation ISblue 2021